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Development board for AT89SXXXX
This is a development board for ATMEL AT89 series or ATMEL ISP.It uses In-System Programming .Easy to use for developing your ATMEL MCS-51 base projects.
  • Support ATMEL AT89S series such as AT89S51, AT89S52, AT89S53, AT89S8252.(DIP 40 pin devices)
  • Use In-System Programming(ISP).
  • Low voltage programming RS232 X 1 .
  • 5 V regulate on-board.
  • No need any tools or programmer devices .
  • connector for all I/O.
  • Requite one PC parallel port for ISP.
  • Software supports for All Windows.
  • easy to build your own single side PCB.
  • Require power supply from DC adpaptor 9-12VDC or AC

    Fig. 1 Schematic


Fig. 2 ATMEL ISP cable

How to use ATMEL ISP.

To use this ATMEL ISP board you need to download software ISP-3v0 developed by Muhammad Asim Khan and distributed by Prof. Wichit 's website or download at the buttom on this page.

Fig.3 Software ATMEL ISP V3.0

After download software.

1. Connect ATMEL ISP cable to PC parallel port and power supply. (see Fig.5)
2. Run software ISP3.0 for Windows95/98/ME use ISP-3v0.exe and WindowsXP/2000/NT use ISP-XP.bat .
3. Select your devices from drop down list menu.
4. Click "Open file" to open hex file.
5. Click "Write" to program device.

How to use RS232 port.

To use RS232 port ,first build a simple RS232 cable.

Fig. 4 RS232 cable


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