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"SimpleMouse" Smart card programmer

The "original" Smartmouse gets its power out of the serial port of the Hostcomputer - in this design this "feature" is not implemented because the Hostcomputer can only deliver about 15 mA to the Programmer. This is not enough for older Smartcards. So this design uses an 9V Alkaline Battery 6LR61.
To make this design cheap there are no gimmicks like flashing diodes or expensive connectors and switches. You have to solder the 9 or 25 pin serial cable directly the corresponding pads of the PCB.


There is an new/other Layout included. It has some 100R Resistors in the connections to the smartcard, to limit the current in the case of malfunction of the software. Furthermore the Layout is a litte more easier to build at home because the distance between the tracks is bigger....
All the following description is also usable for the new layout. Some changes in the partvalues have to be taken directly out of the Top1.gif. The LEDs schould be LowPower....
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