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PIC16F84A based simple counter to 35MHZ. Has provision for MC12080 Prescaler to use up to 400MHZ.

Test and Measurement | Просмотров: 3011

For around $30 in parts and a good amount of patience, you can have a completely open source and hackable mp3 player ready to go. It can be modified to accept serial commands, be embedded in an art project, used as the voice of your next smart talking robo-sidekick, or filled with music and used as is. Put in whatever size card you want, up to the theoretical limit of the MMC format! All the source and schematics are here for free as part of the Creative Commons. I have kits available if you don’t feel like scavenging for the parts yourself.

microcontrollers | Просмотров: 1869

This programmer was designed to program the Motorola MC68HC908GP32 micropocessor , in combination with a personal computer , and the progsz08 free software by p&e micro systems.

microcontrollers | Просмотров: 1902

An embedded Internet Radio based on an ATmega644 AVR Mikrocontroller, CP2201 Ethernet Controller and VS1053 Audio Codec to play Shoutcast / Icecast-Streams. The Radio can be powered through PoE (Power over Ethernet).

microcontrollers | Просмотров: 1373

This is a simple use of the PIC 16F84 about a diode tester
microcontrollers | Просмотров: 962

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