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ICD 2 is the small ICD2 clone. It has less than credit card size on a single side PCB and no external power require

microcontrollers | Просмотров: 2590

Build your own RS232 to RS485 Converter This project use RTS to control direction.

microcontrollers | Просмотров: 18891

Build a simple and small ISP development board for AT89SXXXX microcontroller from ATMEL. No need any tools or programmer devices.

microcontrollers | Просмотров: 1853

 New model PC mainboards have one on-board IrDA connector such ASUS. The IrDA function can enable by setting in BIOS with is changing the function of serial port between COMx and IrDA. With IrDA module you can download (i.e. ring tone,wall paper) or communication with devices that compliant to standard IrDA 1.2 such as mobile phone, Palm,Pocket PC,PDA.

microcontrollers | Просмотров: 2011

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